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the Festival of Shows by and/or about Women

Cheryl King Productions presents

The Women at Work Festival – works by and/or about women

October -November 2010 at Stage Left Studio, NYC

Cheryl King, Artistic Director


All net proceeds are donated to Friends of Niger, to send girls in Niger to school.



All application materials must be received by May 15, 2010.

Submissions will receive notification by June 15, 2010. The complete schedule will be announced on or around June 30, 2010. Please read the application carefully and email any questions to: [email protected]

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Net proceeds from the Women at Work Festival go to Friends of Niger to send girls in Niger to school.

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The schedule for the Women at Work Festival 2010 is as follows:


October 30 at 3 pm

Works from Richard Ballon and Tom Coash, directed by J. Kevin Doolen

BENEFIT, by Richard Ballon, performed by Marnie Andrews, Gabriel Vaughan  and Jacqueline Raposo

THIN AIR, by Tom Coash, performed by Jacqueline Raposo

RICKY BOY, by Richard Ballon, performed by Marnie Andrews


What a Wife Doesn't Know - written and performed by Cynthia Ferrell


Mud Offerings - written and performed by Natalie Goodnow


Nov 1

I Lost My Laugh in the Revolution - written and performed by Shameka Cunningham


Nov 3

Stretch Marks - written and performed by Angela Kariotis


Nov 4

La Dona of Santa Cruz - written and performed by Melissa Nussbaum Freeman

Damaged - written and performed by Jacqueline Santiago


Nov 5

Through the Window - written and performed by Abigail Gampel, Director: Holli Harms


Nov 6

Subject Matter - written by Donald Steele, performed by Michelle Best

Sunny & the Swami - written and performed by McNeely Myers

McNeely Myers sweeps us off our feet and clear out the door by raising such questions as . . . is there a god? . . .paper or plastic? . . .what is a chakra zipper?

This spiritual workshop comedy brings Swami’s hilarious pithy answers,

 one woman’s path to channeling and new ways to wonder. . .

How can we laugh at ourselves now?



Tickets on sale at www.brownpapertickets.com

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