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the Festival of Shows by and/or about Women

All Showtimes 8 pm

Tickets $18 - available through Smart Tix

www.smarttix.com 212-868-4444

Use Stage Left as your search term and click on the correct date.


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All performances at Stage Left Studio, 438 W 37th Street 5A, NYC

The 2008 Women at Work Festival will take place over eight nights, Oct 16-25. Each evening features 65-90 minutes of entertainment, with 1-3 performers presenting their shows in this intimate, luxurious salon theatre.

A portion of the net profits of the festival will go to the Young Girls Scholarship Program, which sends girls in Niger (ranked the poorest country in the world by the UN) to school.

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Thu, Oct 16

Miles Goldin – Claudio ...Undomesticated

Claudio international lover and advocate for feral cats will be talking

about how to control, contain and domesticate the feral cat.    Join

Claudio and hundreds of other people on Thursday October 16th for

National Feral Cat day. You will walk away with a new appreciation for



Christine Miller – Baby Cow - Beset by unquencheable desires, a curious woman questions her decision to marry young. Watch Baby Cow milk her teats for all their worth!   "A delightful show...the beauty is that even though the story is personal, it does not feel like therapy, but instead, like a window into a very loving relationship that is universal in its complexity." - Melle Powers, nytheatre.com  www.babycow.org

Fri, Oct 17

Maiken Wiese – Dry Chicken


Michelle Vest – Sole Survivors

Sat, Oct 18

River Huston – Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment

Directed by Cheryl King Described as blunt and irreverent, River Huston has been giving performances around the world for the last 16 years to audiences ranging from 40,000 in Japan to sorority and fraternity brothers across the nations to little old ladies at a Unitarian Church. She decided to morph her stand-up comedy and lectures into a theatrical performance that takes a hard and humorous look at her life experiences including an arrest for obscenity, running a marathon, dating, marriage, financial ruin, and living with AIDS.


Sun, Oct 19

Richard Ballon monologues – Spirited & The Last Blow


Cheryl Harnest - The Sacred is the New Profane

A solo show chronicling a journey from drama queen to dharma queen.

Writer/performer, “Harnest single-handedly redeems the wrung-out one-woman genre…she stripes her victims with comic skidmarks.” –Connie Monaghan, LA Weekly

“Cheryl Harnest is wacky, athletic, bold and often hilarious. Her statements and questions go to the edge and beyond.” –Melanie N. Lee, nytheatre.com

Mon, Oct 20

Marlene Nichols - Seeing Voices

A woman wakes up one morning to find her long-time lover packing his bag. Her ego tells her to have revenge sex. Her free spirit tells her to cash in the 401K and climb the Himalayas. Her mother tells her to finally do something with her hair. With everyone talking at once just who should she listen to? Solo artist and storyteller Marlene Nichols cranks up the voices in her head for a funny poignant look at love and sex after the breakup.

Fri, Oct 24

Alithea Howes – My Lolita Sexy and insightful, My Lolita tells Nabokov's most famous story from the side of the nymphet. In a performance that's part poetry and part dance My Lolita is a visceral study of the exploration and exploitation of budding sexuality.


Chelsea Gregory – The 6 Project

In The 6 Project, performance poet and actress Chelsea Gregory takes us to Jena, Louisiana, where confrontations between black and white high school students left 6 black teens charged with attempted murder.  Weaving together a surprising range of perspectives on race and white supremacy, the piece is a powerful and engaging look at how identity and perception interact with the color of our skin. 

Sat, Oct 25

Myla Pitt – The Circle Flying Dance


Toni Silver – Shame Lips

Created and Performed by The Lovely And Talented Miss Toni Silver


On the occasion of her mid-life meltdown, The Lovely And Talented Miss Toni Silver performs adventures from her life, as a ploy to stave off death. She tells tales both comic and tragic—(Her stint in the nuthouse! Coming out to her parents in a McDonald’s parking lot! Working as Lauren Bacall’s personal assistant!)—and a few that fall somewhere in between.

Miss Toni— the best middle-aged, gay, Jewish, tap-dancing, feminist, performance artist in America™—splits the seams between humiliation and triumph, challenging myths about how life is supposed to be lived while wrestling with the illusion of permanence.


Enjoy yourself.   It’s later than you think.

Thu, Oct 23

Michelle Ramoni – The Misadventures of Julia Wild


Michelle Vest – Sole Survivors Sole Survivors is a contemporary portrait of one American and three immigrants who put their lives on the line to seek—and realize—not only the American Dream, but their own, more personal and deeply felt dreams of freedom. Vest presents each character, telling each story in the form of an intimate monologue.

Drawn from interviews of documented and undocumented workers and Vest’s interpersonal relationships. Sole Survivors treats all of the ups and downs of life with Chaplinesque humor and hard social commentary.

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