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Sam Gross, senior cartoonist at the New Yorker, says, "The showcase at Stage Left was one of the best times I've had in a long while! Your intimate space evokes and enables anyone to achieve the dream of what he imagined NYC should  be."

Flash Rosenberg, photographer/humorist, says, "I am still so jazzed from the vibe of last night. I cannot believe my extraordinarily great fortune in stumbling upon the utterly wonderful YOU! All my friends who attended the show have sent me emails attesting that they feel the same way. Your generosity and sincerity shine in a way that makes everyone feel as good as they dream themselves to be."

Lally Ross, writer and performer of Wedding Belles, says, "I love what you are doing.  You provide such a warm, welcoming atmosphere, not just for the audience but also for the performers.  It's great to have a safe place to get crazy.  You are doing something amazing and rare.  I am lucky and grateful to know you."

Jane Aquilina, writer/perfomer of "Bawdy and Soul", says, "After seeing the show last night, I took away a newfound goal which was not so much to master the craft, but to really master the confidence of the craft I'm presenting.  I saw a lot of confidence which resulted in a lot of fun for the audience and the performers.  It's all a great system that works really well. I give you major props  for being such a great hostess.  Not only are you a great director, but a great friend, and all around "cool chick" that knows how to own her stuff and handle situations with ease and grace.

Carla Zilbersmith, singer, impressionist and comic actor, says, "I love your space - so beautifully appointed and so intimate and inviting."

Liz Parker, performer, says, "I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to perform last week.  I had a wonderful time meeting you and getting to know the energy of Stage Left.  You provide an incredible atmosphere for new work - so inviting, relaxed and positive.  Thank you for your kind words about my piece, thank you for the wine and thank you for providing such a nourishing setting."


Diane Shilling, who is developing her one-woman show at Stage Left Showcases, says, "You rock.  All my friends say so, too.  You have given me a very special opportunity to shine these last few months and I can't even begin to thank you enough for it."

Benny Rietveld, bass player, producer and composer, says,  "Like I said, your space is really coming along, with all kinds of possibilities that many spaces don't have, or have implemented as well...

Chris Chinn, actor, says, "...it was a pleasure meeting you last week, I look forward to experiencing more theatre in your beauteous and intimate space (...and, of course, more vino!)  You are a gracious hostess...


Hi Cheryl, Just wanted to thank you again for a great evening. Your space is delightful and has such fantastic and supportive energy and I love performing there. My husband LOVES your space as well and he is very picky!

Heather Aldridge Venitucci, writer/performer of Father/Daughter

“My experience at Stage Left Studios was my “dream comes true in New York City” story.  The space was simple, intimate and inviting to all the audience members that attended.  Apart from the audience enjoying my show they enjoyed being in the space.  They are organized and resourceful over there.  You’d be lucky to have an opportunity to perform at Stage Left Studios. “


Esther Friedman - Writer/Performer – Random Sharp Objects: How I Got the Past out of My Ass