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Women at Work Festival - November 2010



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Oct 30 3pm

Works from Richard Ballon and Tom Coash, directed by J. Kevin Doolen

BENEFIT, by Richard Ballon, performed by Marnie Andrews, Gabriel Vaughan  and Jacqueline Raposo

THIN AIR, by Tom Coash, performed by Jacqueline Raposo

RICKY BOY, by Richard Ballon, performed by Marnie Andrews


What a Wife Doesn't Know - written and performed by Cynthia Lewis Ferrell

Jilly knows.  Of course she knows.

A horrifying, verbal sleight-of-hand written, directed and presented in solo voice by Cynthia Lewis Ferrell.


Mud Offerings, written and performed by Natalie Goodnow

"Mud Offerings" is a solo play written and performed by Natalie Goodnow, and directed by kt shorb.  The play’s protagonist, a young, queer, Chicana, finds herself in the midst of a ferocious argument with none other than the Vírgen de Guadalupe.   As the argument unfolds, the piece offers a body-centered analysis of the borderlands – geographical, social, political, sexual, and spiritual – the liminal spaces where all things get muddy.  


Nov 1

I Lost my Laugh in the Revolution - written and performed by Shameka  Cunningham

Set in Los Angeles, a story woven from the misadventure of a wanna-be rebel marching into the outside world of forced laughs and heartbreak on a mission to save the world. Told through storytelling, poetry, movement and laughter.  ilostmylaugh.com


Nov 3

Stretch Marks - written & performed by Angela Kariotis

directed by Florinda Bryant

+=!? remix a fetal heartbeat and bust an amniotic flow

Stretch Marks focuses on infinite possibilities and the decision to ultimately choose ONE.  Stretch Marks is about having a baby, being born, what we are born into, the circumstances of our birth, and the legacies we inherit. Forget about the meaning of life, what does it mean to be alive?  Run time is 60 minutes. "A one-woman artistic showcase in her trailblazing story telling." -Los Angeles Reader





Nov 4

La Dona of Santa Cruz - written and performed by Melissa Nussbaum Freeman

The true adventures, wisdom and humor of the curandera of a magical Mexican mountain town and a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn.

Written, directed and performed by Melissa Nussbaum Freeman

Original music by Guillaume Pouget


Damaged - written and performed by Jacqueline Santiago

A vulnerable teenager is caught in a struggle of family violence. Jacqueline Santiago takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride  with this heartwarming and suspenseful show.


Nov 5

Through the Window - written and performed by Abigail Gampel,directed by Holli Harms


A journey through the mental landscape of new motherhood.

A woman alone in her kitchen....a window.

Fantasy mingles with the mundane.

While the child naps.


Pregnant I was a woman.

Now I was a mother.

I had no idea.


Nov 6

Subject Matter, written by Donald Steele, performed by Michelle Best

An ordinary moment is made immortal by a famous photographer bringing with it unexpected attention to the subject of the photograph.


The piece was inspired after seeing an exhibition of photographs at The Whitney Museum.


Sunny & The Swami - written and performed by McNeely Myers

McNeely Myers sweeps us off our feet and clear out the door by raising such questions as . . . is there a god? . . .paper or plastic? . . .what is a chakra zipper?

This spiritual workshop comedy brings Swami’s hilarious pithy answers,

 one woman’s path to channeling and new ways to wonder. . .

How can we laugh at ourselves now?