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Cheryl King in "not a nice girl" Jan '06

Pandora Scooter in Samuraization  Jan '06

Katie Northlich in Character Forum: A Thesis Jan '06

John Fugelsang in All the Wrong Reasons Jan '06

Craig Bridger in Co-ops and Kryptonite Mar '06

Beth Bongar in Jews Don't Join the Circus Apr '06

Don Carter in Finding Pieces May '08

Jane Aquilina in Bawdy and Soul Jun '06

Lally Ross in Wedding Belles Jul '06

Heidi Tokheim in Stella by Starlight Oct '06

Hal Fickett in "65" Dec 06

Leslie Pasternack in Dig This Feb '07

Cyndi Freeman in Inside Cherry Pitz Feb '07

Alice Johnson in St. Alice of Chattahoochee April '07

Susan Ferrara in Peasant April '07

Diane Shilling in Getting to Mommy May '07

Cyndi Freeman in I Kissed Dash Riprock June '07

Esther Chae in So the Arrow Flies Sept '07

Barbara Bleier and Ellen O'Neill in Who's Your Mama? Sept '07

Heather Aldridge in Daddy and Me Oct '07

Patrick Askin in Posing Oct '07

Mary McDonald Hamill in The William and Mary Theatricals Oct '07

Susan Rankus in Renaissance Nov '07

Susan Laubach in '50's Girl in Feb '08

Esther Friedman in Random Sharp Objects Mar '08

Marlene Nichols in Seeing Voices Mar '08

Katie Northlich and Taren Sterry in Totes Hilaire April-May '08

Karen Thibodeau in I Do, I Do, in Delhi May '08 plus Dec '08

Tom Gualtieri and David Sisco in Bait May-June '08

Frank Blocker in Southern Gothic Novel May-June '08 plus Sept-Nov '08

Anthony Johnston in Art's Heart May '08 plus Oct '08

River Huston in Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment Jun '08

Joe Hutcheson in Miss Magnolia Beaumont Goes to Provincetown June-July '08

Toni Silver in Shame Lips June '08 plus Oct-Nov '08

Cheryl Smallman in Dreamless July '08 plus Dec '08, plus Jan-Feb '09

Cheryl Harnest in Sacred is the New Profane Oct '08

Chelsea Gregory in The 6 Project Oct '08

Marlene Nichols in Just Back From Dreaming Feb '09

Theresa Gambacorta in Breaking the Glass Feb '09

Ed Malone in The Self-Obsessed Tragedy of Ed Malone Mar '09

Queens Girl, by Lauren LoGiudice

Dress Kiss Me, Just Back from Dreaming, Rum Boogie and No Change Given by Marlene Nichols

Breaking the Glass by Theresa Gambacorta

Three Irish Widows vs The Rest of the World by Ed Malone

Sole Survivors by Michelle Vest

Art/Sex by Cheryl King

NYXY, End Game and The Suitcase by William LoCasto

Who is Paula? What is She? by Susan Laubach

Shame Lips by Toni Silver

Hospital City by Miranda Huba

Blue Lanterns by Branislav Tomich

180 Days by Taren Sterry

Darger by Susan Ferrara

Fearless Moral Inventory by Frank Blocker


Featured Solo Shows (plus a few duos)

Cheryl King began presenting shows at Stage Left Studio in January 2006.  In addition to numerous showcases of developing work, she has produced or coproduced  fully developed shows. The following artists have presented their shows at Stage Left, most in short runs of 6-8 performances.

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